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  • Spiele wie League of Legends
  • Die MOBA (Mehrspieler-Online-Kampfarena) ist heutzutage eine feste Konstante im Online-Mehrspieler-Genre und Spiele wie League of Legends (LoL), das wahrscheinlich eines der meist gespielten Spieler der Welt ist, haben diese Spielart wirklich ins Rampenlicht gerückt. In diesen Spielen...


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  1. Zoya 09/07/2015 at 20:02 -

    Pessimist in me:i can foresee a prelbom with your Pokemon MOBA (as awesome as it sounds) what Nintendo console Can (would be willing) to support it? if not on a Nintendo based system i simply don’t see it happening, my reason is: GAME FREAK WON’T CHEAT ON NINTENDO!I’m sure that you were referring to a computer based Pokemon MOBA considering that you mentioned DOTA 2 (which i do not play) and League (which i do play) considering that Pokemon TCG has finally gotten online but is quite dull and lacking in any real gaming entertainment. i simply do not see Poke9mon evolving anytime soon, they have become apart of the cookie cutter console generators. i.e. Gears, HALO, Assassins Creed < (As good as it is) Game Freak has lost their ambitions for bigger and greater ideas because they are still stuck on one thing Their target is kids, as unfortunate as it is for the lost 90's generation that grew up with Poke9mon and all the other great Saturday morning and weekday afternoon cartoons. . . as far as they're concerned we're not a priority. They are just trying to keep profits high and producing more games, so the cogs of industry keep rolling.Kid in me:That being said I believe that a MOBA for Poke9mon is an interesting idea, like in league where your summoner level matters with runes/masteries I think an expertise level for trainers would be interesting only allowing you to obtain and even evolving Poke9mon is dependent on your expertise Lvl. I believe a 5 region game would be awesome where you can choose what region to start from and what town you are originally from decides your starter Poke9mon, this also deciding what legendries you can get further down the road once you’ve gotten to a certain point in your badge collection or PvP rankings. Now with the expertise leveling I think that you would level up with your Poke9mon allowing you to evolve them, shop for higher ranking items, such as evolution stones, and event Poke9mon.Though I think if I were to create a Poke9mon game it would have to be an MMORPG instead of a MOBA considering I love being able to explore environment and interact with people more than just; OH LOOK ANOTHER TRAINER! BATTLE! WIN! AND ON TO THE NEXT BATTLE! The one thing I’ve always loved about the Poke9mon games is how you have pretty much unlimited choice of the Poke9mon you can use as well as the side things like breeding Poke9mon for good IV’s training their EV Points to make them stronger in one of their lacking stats or bolstering an already amazing stat into OP. I’ve always loved the idea of actually interacting with other people while at those contests in Hoenn and even watching others participating. Mainly I find that an MMORPG would be better suited for the simple fact that the game itself is an RPG and that the progression through the story allows for advancement allows better Poke9mon better items and legendaries.TL;DR: Pokemon MMORPG not MOBA in my opinion

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