Tribes: Ascend hat einen neuen Patch bekommen!

Publisher Hi-Rez Studios hat gestern Tribes: Ascend einen neuen Patch verpasst.
Das Sci-Fi MMORPG befindet sich zur Zeit in der Closed Beta Phase.

Die wichtigsten Features dieses Updates sind:

  • The Team Deathmatch gametype is now available for play on two maps (Drydock Night and Crossfire). Upon the first death in the match, a flag will spawn. Your team earns a bonus for each kill made while the team holds the flag.
  • Added a “First Win of the Day” Challenge that rewards additional XP and tokens upon your first victory in a day. The "day" begins at 09:00 UTC time.
  • Added the “Orbital Strike” call-in (default bound to "3"). It is similar to the Tactical Strike, with a much wider radius and higher credit cost.
  • Reduced the token amounts required to unlock classes.
  • Settings: “Reduce Weapon Size” option has been added along with many others, including an option to disable help messages and an option to disable framerate smoothing.
  • Matchmaking: Very basic match-making segmentation to help lower ranked players play with lower-ranked players.
  • Fixed a number of bugs that caused sudden speed drops when skiing or jetting uphill. Other issues may remain. Please report as you find them.
  • By default, objective icons for all major elements on a map (generators, vehicle stations, equipment stations, etc) are now shown when you first enter a map. Hit "O" to turn off the markers.

Das Spiel:
Das MMOG Tribes Ascend ist der Nachfolder der alten Tribes Saga. Die Tribes-Reihe umfasst bislang insgesamt 4 Teile, der letzte mit dem Untertitel Vengeance ist allerdings bereits vor etwa 6 Jahren erschienen. Publisher der enorm beliebten und sogar heute noch gespielten Mehrspieler-Shooter-Reihe war Sierra Entertainment. Erst im Herbst des vergangenen Jahres hatte Hi-Rez die Rechte an dem Shooter-Klassiker erworben und gleichzeitig Tribes: Ascend angekündigt. Der MMO-Shooter befindet sich derzeit im Alpha-Stadium.


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